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Announcing the DigitalOcean + TypeOverflow 2023 WriteAThon!

Hey, TypeOverflow community!

I hope you're ready for some exciting news. DigitalOcean is powering a WriteAThon here on the TypeOverflow Community where you write an article to receive a special $200 credit when creating a new account on DigitalOcean. 😎 (With the unique link code provided to you from us after your submission and review.)

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What is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider that offers cloud computing services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Known for pricing and scalability, teams or individuals can deploy on DigitalOcean in seconds. Their cloud services help anyone get up and running quickly in the cloud in automation, server hosting, simple or complex websites, and much more.

Why Participate? 🙋

The core philosophy behind publishing on TypeOverflow, is to provide readers with quality content to help them learn and grow as developers. Not only this, but publishing on TypeOverflow allows you to expand your products, services, followers, and influence.

If that’s not enough incentive, we also have a sweet, sweet prize!

💲💰 Prizes 💰💲

A $200, 60-day credit for a new account created with a code provided to you. Only after your article has been published and reviewed by our team. Only 1 credit per Type Overflow account is eligible.

Qualifications ✅

The article must be on the topic of front-end web development, and quality is a must. You can write about examples, code-tricks, optimizing, creating reference material, and much more. If either of these two qualifications are not met you won't be eligible and won't receive the credit. Content cannot be duplicated from other sites.

Community Support

To ask any questions about the rules of this WriteAThon, leave a comment below.

Important Dates ⌚

April 28th, 2023: WriteAThon Begins
July 31st, 2024: WriteAThon Submission Deadline at 11:59 PM UTC
August 1st, 2024: WriteAThon Ends

We’re so excited for you to join us for this brand new WriteAThon with our friends at DigitalOcean. Have fun, learn lots, and keep publishing along the way.

Good luck and happy writing! ⭐

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