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The Developer is in a unique position and can responsibly do our share to minimize climate change while progressing digitization and preparing for quantum computing. Electronics and Industrial technology, otherwise known as simple digitization (the Third Industrial Revolution) have transformed into combinations of technologies and digitalization (the Fourth Industrial Revolution). It is forcing companies to reexamine the way they do business. Business is evolving exponential instead of at a linear pace. It is disruptive to almost every industry such as production, management, and governance.We want to minimize this disruption and it's effect on climate change. Climate change affects every facet of our universal ecosystem. Leading to medical conditions such as allergies or asthma exacerbation, pollution, lack of food for humans and resources for animals, deforestation at the rate of 80,000 acres a day.
The emergence of Web3 technology, values and ideas inherent to the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) or Decentralized Finance (DeFi) movement can mobilize capital to fund the climate crisis solutions.Web 3 technology such as Block chain are role models to decentralized thinking and the decrease in waste that comes with this. Using Web3 tech to reverse ecosystem degeneration. And while blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been hailed as revolutionary means to securely store data and financial information, they were built on existing public key encryption - which may not be a match for quantum computers. It is crucial that the development of quantum-resistant cryptosystems is transparent and the Web3 climate tools and services share values inherent to ReFi and are positively correlated to the scale of global coordination needed to tackle climate change.
This is my first comment. I welcome your ideas and discussion on ways to improve our existing crucial climate issues, and combating quantum computing algorithms.

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